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Executive Editor, Business Aviation and MRO

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06 March 2024 | 10:35 - 11:05 | MRO: Are Supply Chain Challenges Opening the Door to Alternative Parts?

With supply chain challenges being cited as the number one industry concern, how can potential solutions be sought for these wide-ranging problems? Across the region there are mixed views to what is causing these issues but top amongst them is parts availability. This is of particular concern as it is affecting the operational availability of aircraft, delivery timelines and extends shop visit duration. Hear from industry leaders about whether this is changing attitudes to alternative parts, including options such as PMA or DER, which have previously been underutilised in the region. Is it also changing the dynamics on the repair vs replace conversation? What are OEMs doing to mitigate the effect of the supply chain challenges? Do OEMs need to alter their approach to parts supply?

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06 March 2024 | 13:50 - 14:20 | MRO: Sustainability - Where are we now?

OEMs discuss sustainability initiatives in the Middle East: 
●        What are the future developments in sustainable technology in the next 12 months, 3 years and then looking into the next decade?
●        The industry has set a 2050 deadline for net zero emissions - what is the current status of green technology? What has been achieved? What changes have been made and what impacts are being felt? Is the 2050 goal a realistic one?
●       Can we expect the Middle Eastern governments to be investing in more sustainability over the coming years?

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