12:00Live demonstration: To 5G or not to 5G

How can 5G increase cabin connectivity for both passengers and staff. What are the roadblocks we need to be aware of?

12:00Workshop: Buying and flying - Unpicking the interior procurement process

Strong procurement capabilities can generate significant value across the business, this session will help you understand the airline decision process when purchasing solutions and airline procurement requirements

12:15Live demonstration: It’s all about the seat

This session takes a look at the top seats in the market and innovative ways to improve your current fleet.

12:30Case Study: IFEC & connectivity solutions

With so many options for connectivity it is difficult to know where and how to start upgrading your aircraft. Join the technicians giving you insights on implementation, lead time and the technologies available on the market.


14:45Interview: Visionary cabin design

Taking inspiration from the Crystal Cabin Awards, meet the brightest and most creative cabin designs of the future.

15:15Live demonstration: Why satellite interoperability matters for inflight connectivity

Transforming the inflight connectivity experience by reducing connectivity disruption.

15:30Interview: Assessing passenger comfort vs cost

Sit with the experts and discover how much premium economy really costs and how to increase your ROI


15:55Interview: Ask the experts

Your chance to get the answers to your most pressing interior questions.

12:45Workshop: Buying and flying – Assessing the operational challenges of airlines

This workshop will give you the tools to pitch your products to international airline and help them deliver high-impact cost savings to create major operational and commercial value.

13:15Live demonstration: Setting the mood with smarter lighting

Airlines are moving away from the clinical white light of aircraft and providing customers with a softer more inviting environment to reduce jet lag, anxiety and make the cabin feel more spacious.

14:30Interview: Standardizing the LCC passenger experience

Low-cost carriers have rapidly expanded their share of the global air travel market over the last decade, join our experts and understand what customers expect from a low cost and ultra-low-cost airline. How can you provide the best passenger experience at half the cost?


14:50Interview: Creating an accessible cabin

Making in-cabin wheelchair access a reality.

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