Ann Seach

Co-Founder and CEO

Liberty360 Ltd

Ann is CEO and co- founder of Liberty360 Ltd incorporating the brands, Liberty Coaching and Consulting, TechwriterUK and Ann & Neil Design, AND. She is a highly experienced corporate and commercial partner and a well-respected, trusted coach and mentor. Globally experienced, she brings a well-developed interest and competency in transitions and diversity through working on business and people development in various countries and industries.  
Ann is originally from the UK and moved to Scandinavia to follow her passion of travel and understanding people and culture. Ann’s interest has equipped her with an extensive understanding of cultural differences, which transfers to organisational culture. Her experience with outplacements in Scandinavia and business development in Asia has resulted in the ability to effectively employ innovative business development strategies. 

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06 March 2024 | 11:50 - 12:30 | What are the real implications of misunderstood or misinterpreted technical communication? Who is writing the content of your documentation, and why is this so important?

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