Arjun Sreekumar

Global Director – Aerospace and Defence

Frost & Sullivan

Arjun is a Global Director with Frost & Sullivan's global Aerospace & Defense Practice, specializing in technology roadmaps, market expansion, and product development strategy. Over the past 12 years, he has helped global clients in the aerospace, defense, and spaceindustries achievesignificant performance improvements.
Arjun's focus on the impact of emerging technologies on flight is evident in his leadership of over 50 projects in aerospace, defense, unmanned systems, and space. These projects cover diverse areas, from advancing aircraftelectronics to developing national industry strategies for hypersonic solutions. Leaning on his experience collaborating with prominent Western Aerospace & Defense tier 1/tier 2 firms, he actively champions the localization and technology development goals forstakeholders in the MiddleEast.
He is also a frequent author on aerospace, defense, and space topics, with his articles appearing in publications such as "The Diplomat" and being cited in notable high impact outlets such as Aviation Today, NATO Industry Reports, and UK.

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