Daniel Kerrison

Senior Vice President of Inflight Operations


Since joining flydubai in 2008, Dan has led the strategic development of the airline's inflight experience. He is responsible for the evolution of the cabin interior and award-winning inflight entertainment product, management of inflight retail and catering operations, cabin safety and compliance, inflight hospitality and cabin crew management.  
Dan has overseen the introduction of the Boeing Sky Interior, Lumexis and Zodiac IFE, Business Class seats and most recently the revamped cabin interior on the new Boeing 737 MAX as the launch customer for the Middle East. 
Prior to joining flydubai, Dan joined the Guest Service Systems division at Virgin Blue during the airline's start-up in 2000.  He then joined Emirates Airline's Service Delivery and Cabin Crew Management team in 2006. 
Dan has a Master of Aviation Management degree from Griffith University. 

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06 March 2024 | 13:05 - 13:35 | AIME: Fireside : Addressing the Challenges face by Airlines in Upkeep, Maintenance and Repair of Cabin Interiors.

Due to high passenger usage, cabin interiors deteriorate fast and need regular upkeep and repairs. The experts in this panel will delve into the challenges faced by the airlines in maintaining the appearance and functionality of cabin, galley and lavatory equipment; more over with limited post-warranty support by OEMs. With the rapid technological advancement, these parts are becoming obsolete faster than the previous decades, thus the obsolescence leads to decline in OEM support for older models and their parts. This session will deliberate on how independent repairs shops and DOAs are increasingly becoming important to support the cabin maintenance of airlines, offering solutions through complex repairs and reverse engineering of parts that have high recurring expense and long lead time or no longer supported by OEMs. 

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