27 February 2024

Exhibitor News : Field International Group open manufacturing plant in India

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Field International Group, a leading aerospace manufacturing company headquartered in Dorset, UK, has expanded its global reach by opening a cutting-edge manufacturing plant in Chennai, India. This strategic move not only places the company at the forefront of anticipated advancements in Indian aviation but also enhances its proximity to key partners and customer alike.  
Founded in 1995, Field International, with a significant workforce in Dorset, UK, and rapidly growing global employment, supports major airlines and MROs worldwide with licensed aircraft tooling and ground support equipment. With sales and manufacturing facilities also in Singapore, China, Spain, North America, the Middle East and now India, the company trades in over 50 countries. 
The Chennai manufacturing plant represents a pivotal moment for Field International, embodying its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence. Equipped with advanced technology, the facility integrates the latest manufacturing advancement, ensuring efficiency, precision, and the production of high-quality components and tools.  
Strategically located in Chennai, India, the new manufacturing plant aligns with the anticipated advancements in Indian aviation, positioning Field International as a key player in this dynamic sector. The facility’s proximity leading global aerospace OEMs, Tier 1s, and major supply chain partners, enhances efficiency and reduces environmental impact through optimised logistics.  Notably the Chennai manufacturing plant has not only contributed to the company’s global expansion but has also become a catalyst for positive local impact. The establishment of the facility has generated numerous job opportunities, fostering economic development in the local community, and creating a ripple effect of positive economic impacts, including employment in the UK. The story of Field International Group’s Chennai plant showcases a holistic approach, blending technological innovation, sustainability, strategic positioning, and positive societal impact.  
Field International Group CEO, Mark Booker said: ‘’ Our new facility in India will give our customers a second low- cost option, giving them greater choice and flexibility, which will support our drive for growth. Richard Marple, Group Business Development Director of Field International Group, added: ‘We are excited with the opening of our factory as it forms a major part of our strategic plan for ‘in region for region’ manufacturing for our customers around the globe.’ 

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