19 February 2024

Exhibitor News : SCHROTH Safety Products to Supply Installed Physical Secondary Barriers for Airbus Aircraft

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SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH (“SCHROTH”), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Loar Group Inc. (“LOAR”), has been selected by Airbus Commercial Aircraft (“AIRBUS”) to supply Installed Physical Secondary Barriers (“IPSB”) for all newly built commercial Airbus aircraft operated in the U.S. The IPSB, sometimes referred to as a Secondary Cockpit Barrier or Secondary Flight Deck Barrier, is an aircraft interior module aimed to improve the safety of the aircraft, the flight crew, and passengers. It is designed to protect the flight deck on commercial aircraft from intrusion while the cockpit door is open and will become mandatory from mid-2025 for all new commercial aircraft operated by scheduled airlines in the U.S.
SCHROTH, with its engineering and manufacturing sites in Arnsberg, Germany, and Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA, is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of occupant protection systems for applications in aerospace, defense, and motorsports. SCHROTH specializes in customized technical solutions for occupant safety, such as crew restraint systems, passenger seatbelts, and airbag solutions, as well as in engineered aircraft equipment for cockpit and cabin safety.
Under the newly awarded contract, SCHROTH will supply IPSB modules for the Airbus A320 aircraft family as well as for the Airbus A330 and A350 aircraft.
Martin Nadol, President of SCHROTH, explained: “We are proud to have been selected by AIRBUS for the important, cross-platform IPSB program. It demonstrates our engineering, quality, and operations teams’ hard work and our ability to come up with a lightweight, practicable, and economic IPSB solution.”
The IPSB product offered by SCHROTH features a foldable, ultra-lightweight design that requires minimal installation space. The lightweight materials used withstand intrusion forces while providing excellent see-through characteristics and full compliance with decompression requirements. Moreover, the patented SCHROTH locking mechanism ensures easy and time-saving operation by the crew.
SCHROTH parent company LOAR has supported the company’s engineering efforts with resources and know-how from the beginning of the project. Michael Couitt, Executive Vice President of LOAR, stated, "Upon SCHROTH becoming a part of the LOAR family of companies in 2022, we recognized their exceptional engineering capabilities. The IPSB solution conceived by the SCHROTH team stands as a remarkable demonstration of this. It also serves as a testament to the innovative outcomes we achieve for our customers through collaboration between our sites and the extended LOAR engineering team. I am proud of SCHROTH for making airline flights even safer.”
About SCHROTH Safety Products 
SCHROTH Safety Products is a leading global developer and manufacturer of innovative occupant protection systems for use in aerospace, motorsports, defense, and medical transport. The company also provides energy-absorbing and life-saving safety solutions for other critical applications in aircraft and ground vehicles. Please visit www.schroth.com to learn more about SCHROTH Safety Products.
About Loar Group Inc.
Loar Group Inc. is a diversified manufacturer and supplier with established relationships across leading aerospace and defense OEMs and Tier Ones worldwide. The company’s mission is to create a strategic global alliance of companies specializing in the design and manufacture of aerospace and defense components. Loar provides its partners and customers with innovative, cost-effective engineering and manufacturing capabilities and responsive, dependable service, leading to profitable and sustainable long-term relationships.
Please visit www.loargroup.com to learn more about Loar Group Inc.
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SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH 
Ms. Katharina Reinck 
Im Ohl 14 
59757 Arnsberg / Germany
Tel. +49 2932 9742-100 

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