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    Supplier of: 

  • Components / Ratables
  • Engines / Propulsion / Powerplant / APUs
  • Fuels / Lubricants
  • GSE (Ground Support Equipment)
  • Part Manufactures / Distributers
  • Test Equipment / Calibration
  • Tooling

Company Description: 

At ASG, we know that when you're looking for aircraft parts, you can't afford to waste time on a search that's going nowhere. That's why we carry more than 235,000 items at our UAE warehouse and we are constantly adding new items to our catalog. Our stock includes 40 different sizes of Aircraft Tires, as well as our full line of PBE Models,Wheels,Brakes,Rotables, LRUs, Expendables, Consumables, Lamps, Chemicals, and Emergency Equipment all at competitive prices.

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