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  • Components / Ratables
  • Engines / Propulsion / Powerplant / APUs
  • Third Party Maintenance
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AeroParts specializes in repair and restoration of Ozone Converters, NGS/FTIS components and complex Duct assemblies.

Ozone converters: Suppling 50% of the worlds fleet our process restores ozone converter performance to “like-new” condition.

NGS/FTIS System: Components include Ozone Converter, Pre-Filter Assembly, Air Separation Module(ASM), NEADS check valves, ensuring enhanced reliability, increased performance, and lower cost.

Duct repair: Supporting complex metal and composite duct assemblies, including Starter Ducts, Thermal Anti-Ice, Bleed Air, EBU/QEC, Plenums & Diffusers.

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