Scott Dugdale

General Manager Europe & Global VP of Product


With over 22yrs of experience delivering market leading Inventory & asset management solutions across a broad range of industry sectors, such as Aerospace, Automotive, MRO and Industrial Construction, Scott is a highly customer focused individual who leads our European CribMaster business today.Since 1992, CribMaster have continuously been setting the benchmark seeking ways to deliver innovative solutions to manage Inventory and track assets and we know better than anyone that there is no "one size fits all" solution! That's why, at CribMaster and our team at the Dubai MRO show are passionate about finding the right solution that works for you and is dedicated to maximizing efficiency whilst helping you to identify way's of reducing direct & in-direct cost within the aviation industry. Trust us to keep your inventory in check and your aircrafts flying safely, FOD free. CribMaster, we've got this. 

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